Friday, September 21, 2012

European Charm

Europe...amazing food, cozy gardens, interesting is my favorite vacation destination.  I love the movie 'Something's Gotta Give', especially the scene where Diane Keaton visits Paris.  My dream has always been to spend a day roaming around the city by myself, visiting parks, eating at sidewalk cafes and, of course, taking photos.  Last year, my dream came true!  I visited Rodin Museum Garden, Tulieres Garden, Cluny Medieval Museum Garden and the lovely Monceau Park.  It was magical.      

My family lived in Belgium for a total of 10 years.  It is a photographer's paradise, with quaint houses, beautiful landscapes and rich history. When I return to Belgium, I get the feeling that I'm coming home and it brings to mind memories of wonderful get-togethers with friends, school events and traveling with my family.

My husband is Dutch and that accounts for my many pictures from the Netherlands.  To me, it is like a fairytale land, so neat and organized with lovely tree-lined roads and lots of waterways that are great for reflections.  Holland is all about the color green.  Recently, we went back to Norway, where we lived for a short time in the 90's, and once again I was struck with that feeling of coming home.  It was here that I learned the importance of color in decorating as our bright yellow and red curtains gave me a 'boost' every morning during dark winter days.  Even the houses are painted with those warm yellows and reds. 

When my children were small, I focused mostly on chronicling their childhood and filling up scrapbooks.  Now that they are grown, I have in mind to capture the mood of the day or essence of the experience.  

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