Friday, November 25, 2011

Wild Florida

With cooler weather (finally) arriving in Florida, I have resumed my nature walks, in search of all things wild: wildflowers, birds, insects and gators.

No walk is complete without at least one gator sighting.  My family likes to go 'gator hunting' with our cameras, measuring the success of the trip by how many we see. On a recent trip, the tally was 3 baby gators and 1 huge adult. Trust me, when it comes to gators, I don't take any chances. Most of my photos are taken safely from the boardwalk.  Mosquitoes, on the other hand, can ruin a nice walk through the forest, so you are really in trouble if you forget your bug spray!

It is beautiful in the swamps around Tampa right now (November). The bald cypresses, for a very short time, turn all kinds of wonderful shades orange (as you see in the photo), losing their leaves and remaining 'bald' until springtime.

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Wild Florida

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